Raiders of the Vale

July 10 - July 14, 1012

Wandering off of the path

July 10: Daven is let go, he returns to his residence at Wrafton’s Inn in Winterhaven. Talon Padraig has a few quests he’d like the party to go on:
*Check on the village of Timbervale to the North. The post did not arrive and he’s worried that there might be beastmen in the hills from over the Stonemarch.
*The last caravan from the Keep on the Borderlands reported seeing lizard men in the forest. Investigate this banditry and confirm if there are indeed lizard men this far north. Talon will pay 6gp per bandit killed.
*Also, the Castellan of the Keep on the Borderlands should be warned. The Castellan is also recruiting adventurers for work in the Caves of Chaos.

July 11: The party sets out.
July 12: At night, Urraca and Lex wander off and are turned to stone by a Cockatrice.
July 13: The party discovers the bodies and hide the statues in the trees using Ripley‘s magic ring.
July 14: The party reaches the crossroads at noon and continues to the Keep. That night, Ripley is caught stealign by the barkeep and has to pay a high sum in gold so he won’t turn her in to the Watch Captain who is sitting at a nearby table. Ironside and the others attempt to warn the Castellan but he will hear none of it. According to him, Talon has a history of “seeing beastmen under a rock”, and would rather see the Caves of Chaos cleared before riding off into the wilderness.



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