Raiders of the Vale

July 15 - July 18, 1012

A Knight out with the Badlanders

July 15th: The Party sets out east, the party is ambushed by a Bandit who they kill easily. He’s a member of the Bandit crew Tyson’s Bandlanders. The party discovers the fort of the Badlanders to the East, but are caught by the guard. Ripley talks their way in and they stay the night peacefully. The Badlanders have their leader, Tyson (F5), 8 crossbowman, 6 longbowman, and 11 other bandits in their number.

July 16th: The party ransoms two hostages and heads west back to Borderlands Keep. On the way back, they step through a Fairy Ring and enter Porpherio’s Garden, a magic walled garden. They speak to a Treant and return back to the mortal world unharmed.

July 17th: The party releases their hostages in promise of 500gp to be sent to the party’s attention at Winterhaven. They hire an elf, Narsal, and head to the Caves of Chaos.

Jul 18th: The party reaches the Caves of Chaos and raids the Kobolds mercilessly. They defeat many giant rats and 8 Kobolds. THey charm the Kobold chieftain (until July 25th, then he saves against charm). They learn that the caves to the North, up the slope have Orcs, to the Northwest are the Bugbears, who are recruiting mercenaries, and to the west are some unknown caverns and the Shunned Cave, which is exceedingly dangerous.



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