Raiders of the Vale

July 19, 1012

The Minotaur's Labyrinth

July 19: The party wakes and packs up the camp in a copse of trees in the Caves of Chaos. Ironside leaves his horse, MacGuyver, back at the camp with the wagon and goods.

The party explores cave “I”, on the second tier of the Caves, to the Northwest. There they discover that the caves are enchanted with a Confuse Direction spell, and are soon lost! When they stumble into the Minotaur’s lair, a battle ensues where the Minotaur is blinded and beheaded.

A secret treasure cache is found behind the minotaur’s decorative stone slabs, where is found a +1 spear, a wand of healing, a +1 suit of armor, several potions, and a chest of gold and electrum. After deactivating some traps, the party collects the Minotaur’s head as a trophy, and sets about the task of getting out of the enchanted cave, now that Emmalynne the Magic User has finally resisted the cave’s magic.



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