Raiders of the Vale

July 5 - July 9, 1012

Dealing with Giants

July 5: The party rescues Bartleby, his wife, and takes on two new retainers, Winterhaven Regulars who have been stripped of their posessions. Ironside gives Thom Sanders a Javelin, Laird Logarson has to make due with what he’s got. The Orc wanders off on his own, and the gnoll the party leaves tied up.

The party heads back to the Keep on the Borderlands, and delivers Bartleby and his wife safely, receiving a magic dagger from Bartleby’s wife as a gift.

July 6: Planning to return to Winterhaven, over 50 miles away, Ironside is left with not much of a crew and no horses – and no money! A sometimes-associate, Kevin Knightblood, and his retainers Taylor Trueheart, and Franklin Farenheit join up with the party and put the last of their precious gold together to outfit the Winterhaven Regulars survivors with some basic equipment.

The party seeks fellow travellers in the local tavern, and find a group of 4 mercenaries who are looking to travel the danger roads to Winterhaven with a larger group. These four bring the party size to 11:

Daven, Marta, Trid, Carl

July 7: The party sets out Southwest towards Winterhaven. Shortly after mid-day, at the crossroads where a path leads West to Timbervale, a group of Wolves set upon the party. A vicious melee breaks out, and Marta, Trid, and Carl are all killed in the fight!

July 8: In the afternoon, as the party makes their way south through the foothills of the Cairngorn Peaks, the clouds descend, gently rolling down the hillsides, revealing a gleaming white castle. Soon, a giant white figure, a Cloud Giant, appears, with a giant eagle perched on a gloved hand. He halts the party and demands that they explain themselves – they are intruding on his private hunting ground!

A brief negotion later, Ironside accidentally reveals that the party has come into some treasure, and the Cloud Giant tells Ironside to meet him at this secret place in one month’s time, when his magic castle reappears and descends from the peaks. There, Ironside will give the giant the 5,000gp he is owed. Or else!

July 9: The party arrives in Winterhaven.



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