Chaotic Thief


15/HP, 4/AC
Weapons: Crossbow, Cursed Sword named “Lewis”
Wearing: Leather Armor, Two rings, one of which is a magic ring of plant control, a necklace with a dragon tooth on it.

She has a big scar going through her right eyebrow, and a tattoo of an L in chaotic on the inside of her left wrist.

Strength: 16+2
Intelligence: 13+1
Wisdom: 9
Dexterity: 18+3
Constitution: 12
Charisma: 12


She was 5 years old when she turned up alone on the steps of the Displaced Youth Institution of Reform. The child was dressed shabbily but for a strange necklace, it was opalescent and had a rune with the letter “S” carved onto it. She seemed in a daze and would not speak or eat. The only time she stirred was when anyone tried to touch the stone. This went on for two days and when she would not even drink water, the magistrate and fellow guardians held her down and removed the necklace, it should be noted that it took three grown men to hold the small child down, she was very strong and agile even at that age. They noticed as soon as the necklace was removed she seemed to become coherent and instantly asked for water and bread.
The guardians asked many questions but she couldn’t remember anything, where she came from, what her name was, if she knew what happened to her parents. Days turned into weeks and months and the little girl gradually came to call this place home. She would wander into the forest and seemed to be able to recognize most of the plant life, but to the great consternation of her charges she still had regained no memory of where she had been before the orphanage.
Ripley got her name from the fellow orphan kids, she would sit for hours on the river banks tossing stones into the water. When one of the kids asked her why she spent so much time doing this she said she liked the way the stones made the water “ripply”.


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