Raiders of the Vale

July 1 - July 4, 1012

Keep on the Borderlands

July 1: Ironside, having recovered from his wounds battling the Dragon the previous week, awakes in Winterhaven and sets about asking Talon Padraig for a Destrier, with barding. Talon agrees to provide him such a prized horse, along with barding and lance, if Ironside can complete a quest. A few days’ ride north, on the way to the city of Timbervale, is a keep known as the Keep on the Borderlands. The Castellan there had arranged for two of Talon’s men to escort a notable banker from Fallcrest, Bartleby, to inspect the construction of a pass through The Stonemarch mountains. Bartleby and his escort has been taken prisoner by one of the Chaotic tribes of beastmen (and worse) that are known to inhabit the Caves of Chaos.

If Ironside and his crew can return Bartleby to Timbervale, and do this without the Castellan learning of Talon’s mens’ failure, then Talon will gift a prized Destrier, barding, and lance to Ironside in exchange.

Ironside recruits a crew of two associates and one retainer:
Aero (E1) a new elf adventurer and his retainer Brenna (F2).
The Crusher (F1) and his retainer Boris (C2).
Matthew (F3)
July 2:
July 3:
July 4: The party reaches the Caves of Chaos. Exploring Goblin caves, Brenna is killed by a Goblin Javelin. The party defeats a Hobgoblin Jailer who threatened to cut the throat of prisoners unless he was allowed to flee. The party agreed to the Jailer’s terms and rescued a number of prisoners: Bartleby, Bartelby’s wife, an Orc, one Winterhaven Regular, and another Winterhaven Regular who is mortally wounded.



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