Raiders of the Vale

June 18 - July 1, 1012

Red Dragon!

June 18: Party sets out from Raven’s Roost back to Winterhaven.
June 19: A Red Dragon attacks the party, killing Torb, Cranly, Drusy, Snoddy, Fred, Simon, andCharly. Ironside flees south for his life. Ripley and Shorambo defeat the Dragon and stash the rest of the loot inside the Dragon’s guts.
June 21: Ironside meets with Hill Giants and hides out while they loot the Dragon.
June 23: Ripley and Shorambo visit Buzzletown and rest. Ironside trudges through the wilderness.
June 24: The party reunites and meets in Winterhaven. Ripley hires new hirelings and heads to the Dragon’s lair.
June 26: Ripley’s Raiders encounter Harpies who charm the party and make off with 1,000’s of GP in treasure. The Raiders loot the Dragon’s den.
June 30: The Raiders return to Winterhaven.

-There is now a Harpy Lair somewhere in the lands with Treasure Type C as well as a Jewelry Drop from Treasure Type H in it.



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