Raiders of the Vale

July 19, 1012
The Minotaur's Labyrinth

July 19: The party wakes and packs up the camp in a copse of trees in the Caves of Chaos. Ironside leaves his horse, MacGuyver, back at the camp with the wagon and goods.

The party explores cave “I”, on the second tier of the Caves, to the Northwest. There they discover that the caves are enchanted with a Confuse Direction spell, and are soon lost! When they stumble into the Minotaur’s lair, a battle ensues where the Minotaur is blinded and beheaded.

A secret treasure cache is found behind the minotaur’s decorative stone slabs, where is found a +1 spear, a wand of healing, a +1 suit of armor, several potions, and a chest of gold and electrum. After deactivating some traps, the party collects the Minotaur’s head as a trophy, and sets about the task of getting out of the enchanted cave, now that Emmalynne the Magic User has finally resisted the cave’s magic.

July 15 - July 18, 1012
A Knight out with the Badlanders

July 15th: The Party sets out east, the party is ambushed by a Bandit who they kill easily. He’s a member of the Bandit crew Tyson’s Bandlanders. The party discovers the fort of the Badlanders to the East, but are caught by the guard. Ripley talks their way in and they stay the night peacefully. The Badlanders have their leader, Tyson (F5), 8 crossbowman, 6 longbowman, and 11 other bandits in their number.

July 16th: The party ransoms two hostages and heads west back to Borderlands Keep. On the way back, they step through a Fairy Ring and enter Porpherio’s Garden, a magic walled garden. They speak to a Treant and return back to the mortal world unharmed.

July 17th: The party releases their hostages in promise of 500gp to be sent to the party’s attention at Winterhaven. They hire an elf, Narsal, and head to the Caves of Chaos.

Jul 18th: The party reaches the Caves of Chaos and raids the Kobolds mercilessly. They defeat many giant rats and 8 Kobolds. THey charm the Kobold chieftain (until July 25th, then he saves against charm). They learn that the caves to the North, up the slope have Orcs, to the Northwest are the Bugbears, who are recruiting mercenaries, and to the west are some unknown caverns and the Shunned Cave, which is exceedingly dangerous.

July 10 - July 14, 1012
Wandering off of the path

July 10: Daven is let go, he returns to his residence at Wrafton’s Inn in Winterhaven. Talon Padraig has a few quests he’d like the party to go on:
*Check on the village of Timbervale to the North. The post did not arrive and he’s worried that there might be beastmen in the hills from over the Stonemarch.
*The last caravan from the Keep on the Borderlands reported seeing lizard men in the forest. Investigate this banditry and confirm if there are indeed lizard men this far north. Talon will pay 6gp per bandit killed.
*Also, the Castellan of the Keep on the Borderlands should be warned. The Castellan is also recruiting adventurers for work in the Caves of Chaos.

July 11: The party sets out.
July 12: At night, Urraca and Lex wander off and are turned to stone by a Cockatrice.
July 13: The party discovers the bodies and hide the statues in the trees using Ripley‘s magic ring.
July 14: The party reaches the crossroads at noon and continues to the Keep. That night, Ripley is caught stealign by the barkeep and has to pay a high sum in gold so he won’t turn her in to the Watch Captain who is sitting at a nearby table. Ironside and the others attempt to warn the Castellan but he will hear none of it. According to him, Talon has a history of “seeing beastmen under a rock”, and would rather see the Caves of Chaos cleared before riding off into the wilderness.

July 5 - July 9, 1012
Dealing with Giants

July 5: The party rescues Bartleby, his wife, and takes on two new retainers, Winterhaven Regulars who have been stripped of their posessions. Ironside gives Thom Sanders a Javelin, Laird Logarson has to make due with what he’s got. The Orc wanders off on his own, and the gnoll the party leaves tied up.

The party heads back to the Keep on the Borderlands, and delivers Bartleby and his wife safely, receiving a magic dagger from Bartleby’s wife as a gift.

July 6: Planning to return to Winterhaven, over 50 miles away, Ironside is left with not much of a crew and no horses – and no money! A sometimes-associate, Kevin Knightblood, and his retainers Taylor Trueheart, and Franklin Farenheit join up with the party and put the last of their precious gold together to outfit the Winterhaven Regulars survivors with some basic equipment.

The party seeks fellow travellers in the local tavern, and find a group of 4 mercenaries who are looking to travel the danger roads to Winterhaven with a larger group. These four bring the party size to 11:

Daven, Marta, Trid, Carl

July 7: The party sets out Southwest towards Winterhaven. Shortly after mid-day, at the crossroads where a path leads West to Timbervale, a group of Wolves set upon the party. A vicious melee breaks out, and Marta, Trid, and Carl are all killed in the fight!

July 8: In the afternoon, as the party makes their way south through the foothills of the Cairngorn Peaks, the clouds descend, gently rolling down the hillsides, revealing a gleaming white castle. Soon, a giant white figure, a Cloud Giant, appears, with a giant eagle perched on a gloved hand. He halts the party and demands that they explain themselves – they are intruding on his private hunting ground!

A brief negotion later, Ironside accidentally reveals that the party has come into some treasure, and the Cloud Giant tells Ironside to meet him at this secret place in one month’s time, when his magic castle reappears and descends from the peaks. There, Ironside will give the giant the 5,000gp he is owed. Or else!

July 9: The party arrives in Winterhaven.

July 1 - July 4, 1012
Keep on the Borderlands

July 1: Ironside, having recovered from his wounds battling the Dragon the previous week, awakes in Winterhaven and sets about asking Talon Padraig for a Destrier, with barding. Talon agrees to provide him such a prized horse, along with barding and lance, if Ironside can complete a quest. A few days’ ride north, on the way to the city of Timbervale, is a keep known as the Keep on the Borderlands. The Castellan there had arranged for two of Talon’s men to escort a notable banker from Fallcrest, Bartleby, to inspect the construction of a pass through The Stonemarch mountains. Bartleby and his escort has been taken prisoner by one of the Chaotic tribes of beastmen (and worse) that are known to inhabit the Caves of Chaos.

If Ironside and his crew can return Bartleby to Timbervale, and do this without the Castellan learning of Talon’s mens’ failure, then Talon will gift a prized Destrier, barding, and lance to Ironside in exchange.

Ironside recruits a crew of two associates and one retainer:
Aero (E1) a new elf adventurer and his retainer Brenna (F2).
The Crusher (F1) and his retainer Boris (C2).
Matthew (F3)
July 2:
July 3:
July 4: The party reaches the Caves of Chaos. Exploring Goblin caves, Brenna is killed by a Goblin Javelin. The party defeats a Hobgoblin Jailer who threatened to cut the throat of prisoners unless he was allowed to flee. The party agreed to the Jailer’s terms and rescued a number of prisoners: Bartleby, Bartelby’s wife, an Orc, one Winterhaven Regular, and another Winterhaven Regular who is mortally wounded.

June 18 - July 1, 1012
Red Dragon!

June 18: Party sets out from Raven’s Roost back to Winterhaven.
June 19: A Red Dragon attacks the party, killing Torb, Cranly, Drusy, Snoddy, Fred, Simon, andCharly. Ironside flees south for his life. Ripley and Shorambo defeat the Dragon and stash the rest of the loot inside the Dragon’s guts.
June 21: Ironside meets with Hill Giants and hides out while they loot the Dragon.
June 23: Ripley and Shorambo visit Buzzletown and rest. Ironside trudges through the wilderness.
June 24: The party reunites and meets in Winterhaven. Ripley hires new hirelings and heads to the Dragon’s lair.
June 26: Ripley’s Raiders encounter Harpies who charm the party and make off with 1,000’s of GP in treasure. The Raiders loot the Dragon’s den.
June 30: The Raiders return to Winterhaven.

-There is now a Harpy Lair somewhere in the lands with Treasure Type C as well as a Jewelry Drop from Treasure Type H in it.


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